On August 13th, 2019, Fresno, California-based rapper Nesto released his first extended play, Underway Vol. 1. The project showed off Nesto’s versatility and unique flow over a variety of East Coast and West Coast production. Nesto later went on to release two more projects in the Underway series, concluding with a full-length album release for Underway Vol. 3. But on October 15th, Nesto brought back the series in a new way with the release of UNDERWAY MISCONSCRWWD. UNDERWAY MISCONSCRWWD is a chopped and screwed version of Nesto’s first EP. 

SCRWWD WHWC is our favorite song on the project, where the slurred hook “What’s cracking, what’s happening?” repeats for a catchy drugged-out vibe. For new and old fans of Nesto’s music, this will be a project to come back to time and time again. Nesto has had a very prolific past two years, releasing numerous projects including LOVE ME WHILE IM HERE, his most recent album, earlier this year. Check out UNDERWAY MISCONCRWWD on Spotify or wherever you listen to music.