Sematary is a 20-year-old alternative artist from Northern California. He has a number of pseudonyms—Sematary Graveman, Graveman, and DJ SORROW. Sematary’s unique sound feels like a mix between 2010’s drill and alternative, metal, and witch house influences. It makes sense that he says artists like Chief Keef, Yung Lean, and Black Kray inspired him to make music. 

Sematary frequently collaborates with the artist Ghost Mountain, who cofounded the collective Haunted Mound. The pair released their first song on Tumblr in 2019. Also, Sematary is known for his deep-fried imagery which has become synonymous with his music in the underground.

Sematary’s lyrics are emotional and violent but feature deeper messages. On Slaughter House, Sematary sings “fuck the law death to the cops” tying his strong political ideals into his music. Sematary is a proud antiracist and member of the alt-left and has gone viral multiple times for starting fights with racists and alt-right conservatives. This caused his Twitter to get deleted. Furthermore, in 2020, Ghost Mountain left Haunted Mound due to the increased tension with alt-right conservatives online and to pursue his education. 

Sematary released the third installment of his incredibly popular Rainbow Bridge series, Rainbow Bridge 3, earlier this year. The project contained 16 tracks. Most recently, Sematary dropped the single Willows, and his fans streamed it almost 100,000 times on Spotify already. Check out Sematary’s music on Spotify or wherever you listen to music.