Connecticut-based hard rock and metal band The Shape will be releasing their fourth single of the year, Cities of Ghosts, on August 27th. Cities of Ghosts was written and recorded by the band’s co-founders Brian Almeida and Chris Carlino. 

“Beneath the faded skyline, Past dead neon lights, Lie the shadows of a world gone dark. Sunset paints a picture, Of blues and reds turned grey and white. The voiceless standing silent, Amongst their walking dead.” Cities of Ghosts paints a picture of an apocalyptic future, one that might not be too far away. 

Cities of Ghosts, and many of the songs that will be a part of their upcoming album, The Age of Doom & Fear, are heavily inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Shape has been releasing incredibly impressive music for more than 15 years, and their releases in 2021 have proven they are here for many more years. 

Earlier this summer, The Shape released the official music video to their third song of the year, Invisible Wolves. The song and video to Invisible Wolves have since been streamed more than 125,000 times combined. Check out The Shape wherever you listen to music or on their official website