Catherine Wynder is an extremely talented violinist and violist as well as a graduate from the Manhattan School of Music. In March 2020, Catherine moved to Georgia with her husband and child. She is known for her enthusiastic performances of live music in New York City and Georgia, notably Celtic-inspired music and Linsey Sterling covers. Catherine has performed at venues such as Carnegie Hall, Nike SoHo, and many more. In this article, we’ll share three must-listens from Catherine’s discography.

1. Synthesis

Synthesis is a Celtic EDM and violin track that Catherine released in 2018. The song was composed by Michael Laster and inspired by Lindsey Sterling.

2. Crystallize (Cover)

Catherine Wynder covered Linsey Sterling’s Crystallize and recorded a music video in 2017. A long-time inspiration of Catherine’s it’s no surprise she covers her music so well.

3. Song of the Caged Bird (Cover)

In 2018, Catherine covered another one of Lindsey Sterling’s songs, Song of the Caged Bird. If you like any of Catherine’s other music, or are a fan of Lindsey Sterling herself, you’ll want to check this out.

Want more from Catherine Wynder? Check out her Bandcamp account,, for all of her music. Visit her website to keep up to date on her performances or to book her for an event.