Lesane Rose is an exciting rising recording artist from California. In 2020, he released the single Drip on all digital streaming platforms. We discussed his influences and inspirations, how we got his start in music, and more in this interview.

Hey! Introduce yourself. Where are you from?

My name is Lesane Rose. And I’m from Moreno Valley, CA—representing Santa Ana, CA.

When did you start making music?

I’ve been singing all my life. But, I didn’t record my first track until I was about 17 years old. 

Who inspired you to start making music?

Nobody inspired me, it’s more like the streets and the environment I was in that inspired me. 

How would you describe your music style?

I’m gonna have to say my music style is a mix between Lloyd, Lil Baby, and Bryson Tiller.

Who are you listening to now?

Whatever sounds good, music is universal so if you have an ear for it you can appreciate good sound.

What’s your best project or single so far?

Drip—hands down!

Any upcoming releases from you to look out for?

A lot—just stay up to date with anything and everything Lesane Rose!

Have any shoutouts?

RIP my lil one, my brothers, my cousin, and my mamma.

Lesane Rose is ready to take the industry by storm. Check him out on Instagram or head over to his Spotify account to tune into his single Drip.