Sanchuk is a hardstyle EDM producer and the founder and a manager of a hard dance event company in Israel – Life is Hardstyle. Over the past few years, Sanchuk and his partners built a small fan base in Israel for hard dance music including some of the roughest genres like uptempo, frenchcore, and hardcore.

Sanchuk has also had a chance to work and perform on the same stage with lots of artists from the hard dance scene, like DJ The Prophet, Rvage, Audiofreq, DJ Isaac, Tunebooy, and many more. In this article, we’ll share our five favorite songs he’s created over the past seven years.

1. Can’t Face Me (with MC Prime)

Sanchuk joins forces with MC Prime for Can’t Face Me, from the Creme De La Core: Episode 2 compilation album.

2. Insane

Sanchuk connects with Pure-Massive Records for his 2019 single release, Insane.

3. America (Bootleg)

Sanchuk drew on his hardstyle influences on his remix of Radical Redemption’s 2017 single America, which samples Eminem’s 2002 track White America.

4. Riot

Sanchuk shines on Riot, the title track from his 2014 two-track extended play released through Detox Music.

5. Fire Tribe

Sanchuk delivers fiery production on the first single from his 2015 EP of the same name, released through Red Fever Recordings.

Sanchuk is ready to take over the global electronic dance music community! Want to learn more about the hardstyle producer? Check out our write-up Who is Sanchuk? or our exclusive interview with him here.