A fanlink enables artists to convert social media followers into listeners. Fanlinks typically link to both free and paid streaming platforms and have responsive layouts to be highly usable for both desktop and mobile users. A fanlink is perfect to be used as a link in bios, promoted in tweets and Instagram stories, for marketing new and existing releases, and more. Fanlinks can also be used for upcoming releases to get presaves on Spotify or preorders on iTunes, new releases to convert visitors to the streaming platform they use instead of the one you use, and can even be used as an artist homepage that links to their Electronic Press Kit (EPK), merchandise, other fanlinks, their social media accounts, and more. 

For artists who use popular music distribution platforms such as Distrokid and United Masters, these fanlinks are often autogenerated by the distributors. Both of these distributors create these links immediately upon acceptance of the song to streaming platforms. This is super helpful for artists and teams as they do not need to manually create these links each time. However, these fanlinks offer few customization options. 

A basic Distrokid fanlink

For artists looking for more options for their fanlink, we recommend manually creating a fanlink using toneden.io. Toneden lets artists create free fanlinks with the ability to add links to nearly any streaming platform, edit metadata, link social media accounts, as well as paid options to customize colors and other smaller edits, but the free version is powerful by itself. Toneden also enables artists to create unlockables to build email lists, create pop up forms form their websites, and other free and paid features. 

A customized toneden.io fanlink

Interested in more tips for artists and teams to navigate the music industry more confidently? Head over to our free artist resources page. Want help setting up a fanlink? Reach out to our team