Spell Jordan last released a full album in November 2019, with the well acclaimed LP 23. The project featured vocals from Jackie Platinum and James Colt as well as seven total tracks. 23 was the third in a series of seven track projects released by Spell Jordan in 2019. 

As he grew, both musically, and in his career, Spell Jordan released dozens of singles across platforms, including the recently popular Joker, Dead Presidents, and Bad Company. The latter two served as singles for the upcoming album Spell Jordan has in the works. 

Today, Spell Jordan announced the release of a ten track collaboration with Atlanta based producer Cullen, Underworld, coming this July 24th. Underworld represents the underground music scene Jordan has been a figurehead of for the past few years. 

The project discusses deceit, manipulation, and more negative themes that permeate the scene and the music industry as a whole, as well as more positive tracks showing the personal and professional growth that Spell Jordan has undergone since 2015. Spell Jordan has grown from a relatively unknown independent artist to one of the most popular independent acts in the entirety of Washington D.C. 

This upcoming project from Spell Jordan will undoubtedly be one for the books. Stay up to date for more information regarding the release by following Spell Jordan on social media.