We had the unique opportunity to sit down with R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop inspired group X-Trip to discuss their come up, working with Jwhitedidit, and more.

Hey! Introduce yourselves. Where are you from?

Hi, my group is called X-Trip … based out of Tyler, Texas. .. Bravo3x is from Dallas, TX and Za Rome is from Longview, TX.

When did you start making music?

Za Rome started singing in the church as young as he can remember. Bravo3x started much later in the early 2000’s.

Who inspired you to start making music?

We once were managed under super producer Jwhitedidit when we were a part of a local boy band called Royal Smith. That experience inspired the evolution of X-Trip to the professional sound you hear today.

How would you describe your music style?

Definitely a mix of R&B and Hip Hop with touches of Pop.

Who are you listening to now?

Chris Brown, Drake, Tory Lanez, any one Jwhitedidit produces, etc.

What’s your best project or single so far?

“Keep a Secret”.

Any upcoming releases from you to look out for?

“On The Scene” will be released as early as next month.

Have any shout outs?

Shout out to Jwhitedidit that boy is making moves out there and we are watching. 

Stay tuned for more coming from X-Trip! Keep up to date with the latest from the group on their official YouTube channel.