Mobile, Alabama native Bando251 started his music career off with a number of independent single releases on his YouTube channel, including the popular and heartfelt RIP Wee3. Over the past few months, Bando251 has been working hard, perfecting his sound and honing his craft.

This month, he released his two debut singles on all digital streaming platforms, Rock Out, and Big Dream Chasing. With stronger structure and sound quality than his YouTube exclusive singles, the two new releases are expected to take listeners across the South and greater US by storm. 

Bando251 is a member of ORANGE BRICK RECORDS, a Southern Hip Hop label and collective. Making music since the age of 13, Bando251 prides himself on his versatility. While not a religious musician, he credits God as leading him through his journey. Learn more about the Alabama based artist in our first interview, and check out his music on Spotify!