We recently sat down with Mobile, Alabama based artist Bando251 for an interview. He joins us again for some more insight into where his music is going, new releases, and his relationship with God.

How do you feel your music has changed over time?

I would say the fans would have to answer that question but i’m working very hard every time I put pen to paper to make it the best possible song.

What have the biggest events in your career been thus far?

I haven’t had that big moment yet but i’m working on it … but Corona has everything on hold right now so … I should have shows booked after everything is back to normal.

How have the people you’ve been listening to and influenced by shaped your music?

Mainly my music has been on Youtube, but I’m going to have it on all platforms now. I want my music to take me to a better place, and I want to get to a place where my words could change people’s hearts.

Any artists you’re hoping to collaborate with?

Yea, but right now it’s just myself.

Appreciate you talking with us again. Any new music you want to promote?

Rock and Chasing Big Dreams are coming soon to all platforms! 

Any messages for the world?

God is still alive … pray to him, he can hear you!

Interested in more from Bando251? Check out his official YouTube page, or read up on him in our first interview!