We had the opportunity to sit down with Newark, New Jersey based recording artist Rell Krewsh to discuss his come up, old school inspirations, new singles and EP, and more. 

Hey! Introduce yourself. Where are you from?

What’s going on… I go by the name Rell Krewsh, coming out of Newark, New Jersey. My name used to be Rell Youngsta until I had a child, then I switched it To Krewshew because of the bars I used to spit, and the things I was into in the streets. Krewsh is the Abbreviation for Krewshew. Krewshew is mixtape music work for me. Krewsh is the songwriter, the album writer. But I also can be an elite artist all in one.

Who inspired you to start making music?

My musical influences are Tupac, JayZ, Nas, Michael Jackson, to name a few. I grew up listening to JayZ albums starting from the Dynasty. As I got older, I went to listen to Reasonable Doubt, and his 90’s albums. My dream collaboration would be JayZ, Lil Wayne, Drake, Nas, and myself. I would also like to work with Timbaland and Swiss Beats.

What’s your best project or single so far?

I shot a video for my new single “No Stress” that is on my EP,  “I Knew This Day Would Come”. The EP displays different styles and authenticity, it’s a good listen. “No Stress” came from me sitting in my studio with my ex-girlfriend just going in about how I’m wrong for a lot of things, and I began to feel overwhelmed, so I turned the beat off and said “I will not let you stress me out.” And, the rest was history. 

Who are you listening to now?

I listen to a variety of artists now due to the creativity and authenticity found in a lot of records that are coming out.

Any upcoming releases from you to look out for?

My plan for the next year is to execute what I enjoy doing and have fun with it. I plan to treat every business deal and record I create like my first and last. I’m focusing more on the business side than making music at the moment.

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