Downers Club Records recording artist Spell Jordan returns to his roots on the hard hitting trap single, Rock It Out, produced by Glockley. Spell Jordan’s crispy, gritty, and authentic vocals shine through crashing 808s and Glockley’s incredible melodies. Glockley and Spell Jordan continue to prove that they dominate as a pair, excelling most when they work together.

Rock It Out is the fourth of a series of weekly releases by the DC based, Philadelphia transplant. Jordan’s consistent releases continue to make waves in the underground community, with Joker, the first of the releases, breaking 1,000 streams across platforms.

Don’t miss out on any new music from Spell Jordan. He continues his release schedule with Internet Explorer, a new single, next week, followed by the music video to Miss You Love Me featuring Spaceman Zack, and another Glockley produced emo rap song, PTSD, on queue for this month. Subscribe to Spell Jordan’s YouTube!