South Dakota recording artist OpWaNkAnOp linked up with his friend and collaborator $lim for an epic six track release, titled Depression Suppression, earlier this week on SoundCloud. The tracks dives into what OpWaNkAnOp discusses on much of his other work, depression, drug use, struggle, the streets, and his past. 


  • Step Up
  • Demons
  • Knocking on the Backdoor
  • Never Mend It
  • No Trespassing
  • My Own

“Before I die, I want people to be able to say, he did something with his life.” Op, born Joszef Burnett, says.

With classic hip hop influences, as well as his own unique sound formed out of his Upper Midwest roots, Op is a force to be reckoned with. Connecting with $lim for Op’s first ever full collaboration project, the two shine brighter than ever. 

Stream Depression Suppression on SoundCloud.