Philadelphia, Pennsylvania recording artist Terrell Moore, a.k.a Rell Geez, follows up on success he has found in the first three tracks he has released, Get High, Money All Day, and Peace with his first full length project, The Freshman. The Freshman features eight tracks and one bonus track, with features from Ambitious Feek. 

“I’m very versatile I’m new school and old school put together, I talk about everything that comes to mind.” Terrell says in our exclusive interview.


  1. Get High
  2. I Go
  3. Crazy
  4. Real Talk
  5. Philly Love
  6. Summer Vibes
  7. Baby Drop It Low
  8. Talk to Me
  9. Oh

The Freshman features hip hop, rhythm and blues, soul, and pop influences over its thirty minute play time. Discussing struggles, the streets, and the start of his music career, while keeping it interesting and at times humorous, The Freshman takes you on a tour of Terrell Moore’s life in Philadelphia. After a full listen to the project, the listener really begins to understand the mind of Rell Geez. 

Terrell Moore is coming in strong 2020. It would not be surprising to see the artist rise quickly out of the underground Philadelphia hip hop scene on top of the industry. Make sure to check out The Freshman and all of Terrell’s tracks. Stream them and follow Terrell on Spotify!