Ziggy Dunkley is a talented reggae, R&B, and hip hop artist, currently based in New York. Over the past few months, Ziggy has expanded his online discography with countless singles, including Like She JLo, which he performed at Buka New York earlier this month to a responsive crowd. Recently, Ziggy has released one of his catchiest and most personal singles, Why Must I Cry.

Why Must I Cry, as Ziggy says, is a song about love. The instrumental is a traditional and mature reggae beat. Ziggy compliments the beautiful piano melody and strings with his smooth voice. “Why must I cry for you to stay with me…” Ziggy sings on the track’s hook.

Ziggy gets soft, aggressive, and sorrowful throughout the track. His vocal skills truly shine on this track. With a number of amazing records under his belt, we’re excited to see where Ziggy goes from here. 

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