“Shittin’ on these rapper dreams I see I’m Freddy Krueger” 9TAILS raps over 9TAILS and G9 production.

If you’ve read our articles before, you’ll be familiar with bop-punk artists such as Convolk, Shattered, Spell Jordan, Guardin and more… 

Toronto emcee 9TAILS has collaborated with almost all of them, and more, including up and coming underground artist $avage Gasp. 9TAILS and friends have grown a ridiculous buzz since the beginning of Summer 2018. He recently dropped a new single, Out My Bag, with cover art done by our friend Scotty Splash.

Convolk, Guardin and 9TAILS dropped the underground hit Whatever It Takes and 9TAILS and $avage Gasp linked up in the states for NY. The official video for NY is directed by Honest’s Jack Rottier.

9TAILS has also seen a dramatic increase in his Spotify listenership. His monthly listeners were around 10,000 when we found him earlier this year – stats half of Spell Jordan’s and almost a tenth of shattered and Convolk’s. In the past few months, 9TAILS has increased that number to almost 30,000 monthly listeners – similar to Jordan’s and other artists in the scene. 9TAILS almost tripled his fanbase in what felt like weeks. If that doesn’t show someone is Up Now… 

9TAILS is up now.

9TAILS has received a lot of support from “sad” YouTube channels such as Sad Vibes Forever, Sad Boy Vibes, and Sad Chill. WTF I’m Crying has reached 1.5 million views on YouTube on the Sad Chill channel.

For a rapper with so little music and such substantial growth over a short period of time, we’ve got our eyes and ears on 9TAILS. We’re excited to see what he whips up in 2019.

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