Over the past few years, the Florida underground scene has seen huge growth.

The new “SoundCloud” scene in Florida has three distinct sounds – a staccato, low effort, drugged out flow known from Lil Pump and Smokepurpp’s music, a fast, quick, triplet inspired flow created and honed by the Members Only crew, and an old school, Southern, Three Six Mafia inspired sound made famous by Raider Klan and built up by artists such as Pouya, Fat Nick, Yung Simmie, Denzel Curry, $uicideBoy$ (NoLA) and more. With a majority of new FL artists coming from Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, it was a matter of time before the rest of Florida caught on.

Tampa, FL musician Goyard Park does his own thing, and stays away from the flows most of Florida’s underground scene has been inspired by. Park’s is only 16. His Instagram profile shows he is graduating from East Bay High School, in Gibsonton, Florida, in 2020.

Park’s vocal range is surprising and his songs never sound too similar. Goyard’s Talking shows off his emotional side. Goyard croons over a light, airy, and atmospheric self produced instrumental.

“I got these feelings that won’t go away, Imma keep telling myself I’m ok, I feel this love don’t you say that it’s fake, when you are talking, you’re talking to all of the tears on my face”

These sad vibes appear again on Call It Karma, featuring Yung Chans. Goyard sings “The way you look me in the eyes makes me want to die” over a self produced instrumental. Goyard excels on pop-trap instrumentals, folk beats, and sad alternative production. The most impressive fact is that almost half of his tracks are self produced. His self produced debut Hot Shot Block is one of his best songs. Park’s production can be found on his Traktrain page. Goyard Park is a great example of a multi-talented musician.

While I really enjoy the lyrics and vibes of Talking and Call It Karma, Hot Shot Block, Friends, and Raffies are undoubtedly his best songs, and I’ve had them on repeat all week.

Quotable Lyrics:

“In my closet I got preme, I got the goyard flexed up, Ice all on my body got the water from the chest up”

– Friends

“Drop top coupe, I be posted with my crew, AY, Blah Blah Shot, we gon’ pull up we gon’ shoot, AY, Hot shot block, we been making big moves, AY, Bop on top, she be doing what she do, AY”

– Hot Shot Block

Check out Goyard Park on SoundCloud, and follow him on Instagram and Twitter. What do you think of Goyard Park? Let us know in the comments.

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