LANDR Affiliate

We are an authorized LANDR affiliate.

DCR is an official LANDR affiliate and provides world-class LANDR sales and customer support services for all of the industry-leading company’s tools. A DCR consultant can work with you to determine which of LANDR’s tools and services are right for you, walk you through the signup process, and provide support using the tool suite. LANDR offers revolutionary AI mastering, easy, artist-friendly distribution services, royalty-free sample packs, and tools for artists and management teams.



LANDR is an online, cloud-based, automated mastering service developed by MixGenius.

LANDR enables artists to upload audio tracks in various formats and digitally master them instantly using artificial intelligence algorithms.


LANDR offers industry-leading mastering, distribution, and artist services and tools. The DCR and LANDR teams are ready to assist you in selecting the right products that are right for you. Visit the below links to learn more about LANDR’s unique offerings or contact our team for a free consultation.

LANDR Mastering

Professional audio mastering with instant results. Sound like a pro without paying studio rates or learning complex plug-ins. LANDR audio mastering uses the data from over 15 million mastered tracks to guide the AI engine in producing professional, polished music – instantly.

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LANDR Distribution

LANDR distribution is the platform that you need in the modern music landscape. The service helps users promote, track and release their music on major streaming stores around the world including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer, and more. 

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LANDR Samples

Unlock your creativity with a library of over a million sounds and find the samples you love faster. LANDR Samples has over a million carefully curated sounds and samples to help inspire an artist’s next project. Additionally, new exclusive sounds, artists packs, and collections are added each week.

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LANDR Sessions

Don’t compromise on quality – LANDR Sessions lets you share your music the way it was meant to be heard. From your DAW to their ears, Sessions keeps you and your collaborators in the moment.

Sessions is an all-in-one solution for musicians looking to:

  • Get real-time feedback from collaborators
  • Produce and write songs remotely
  • Offer online music lessons
  • Preview tracks for clients

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