Based in Alexandria, Virginia, The Sebastions are a beyond rock band from the Washington, D.C. metro area. The group’s music is an alternative to mainstream radio, but their sound has a pop-rock influence. This versatile and multi-talented band draws inspiration from groups like The Strokes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, King Crimson, The Smiths, Fugazi, and Ariana Grande. Here for Now is the newest release by the Sebastions, in this article, we’ve narrowed down our top three picks from the album. 

1. Here for Now 

In 2021, Here for Now became one of The Sebastions’ biggest singles to date. And the numbers back it up—over 25,000 streams on YouTube alone. With their melodic guitar riffs and smooth vocals, the song is a smash hit.

2. Love

The Sebastions harnessed their collective talents and created an energetic and uplifting tune. The sixth track featured on the Here for Now album, Love, can make anyone want to get up and dance.  

3. Gabriel

The Sebastions frontman Joey Yusician’s vocal range is demonstrated on the track Gabriel from the Here for Now album released in March 2021. This band is redefining the beyond rock genre with their unique style. 


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