Need new emo rap? Check out this unique animated video to the new release PHOENIX by ASHXS and DED STARK. PHOENIX is a fresh take on a blend of old and new, both sonically and aesthetically. With DED STARK on the chorus and production and ASHXS on the main verse, this song captures a Lofi meets SoundCloud Rap feel with a 2022 twist to it. Sticking to a super melodic melancholy sound the song might surprise you if you dig a little deeper. It appears to be more about rising above struggle than anything else, which at the end of the day is kind of like an inspiring message wrapped in an emotional package.

As far as the music video is concerned, let’s just say it’s NOT your typical underground hip-hop music video. It’s fully animated from scratch by DED STARK himself, in a quirky low-budget 2D style, but it is well executed and matches the song perfectly. It’s definitely something new for the underground and worth giving a view and maybe even a like. Want more like this? Check out some of our other favorite emo rappers in this article.