The Sebastions just released a new album called Here for Now. Read on to discover their new album and learn about where their inspiration comes from. 

Who is The Sebastions?

The Sebastions is a beyond rock band from the DMV area. Their music is an alternative to mainstream radio, but their sound is rooted in pop-rock. With influences ranging from The Strokes to The Red Hot Chili Peppers to Ariana Grande. The Sebastions is a versatile and multi-talented band with a vast discography to boot. Lucky for us, they are hitting us with some killer new music!

What’s Next From The Sebastions?

Here for Now is the newest project from The Sebastions. This nine song album is filled to the brim with original sound. Each song is layered with punchy beats and raspy vocals, reminiscent of The Smiths. A sound similar to that of The Stone Roses, The Sebastions harness their collective talents as a band and create danceable music with thought provoking lyrics. 

Despite these similarities, there really is not a band like The Sebastions. They stand alone and that is their charm. Here and Now is wonderful evidence of that.

Make sure that you are caught up on this new album from The Sebastions, you will certainly regret it if you miss this! Want more from The Sebastions? Check out our recent interview.